The Future of Recruitment and HR in Asia

How will the HR Department evolve into the future?  What tech trends will have the most impact on HR in Asia?
As we end the year, our Senior Team decided to share our predictions on what will and won’t happen in HR and recruitment in Asia.

What will happen

  1. 70% of junior level HR jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI). These are mainly jobs that manage processes and administrative tasks.


  1. 30% of senior level executive search process can be replaced by algorithms.  Other than that, a large part of senior level recruitment work will still be managed by human as it takes the human touch (respect and emotional intelligence) to handle the needs of a senior job candidate.  From interview, job negotiation to onboarding, the human touch ensures a seamless job experience.


  1. The cost of hiring will be lower and the recruitment turnaround time will be shorter. This is made possible through an increasingly wide array of candidates and employees intelligence tools, and with the likes of Google and Facebook competing in the recruitment market.  Employers and candidates who are both passive and active have their data more easily accessible and match through algorithms, just like how online advertisements track buyers through their online footprints.


  1. Employer brands will matter more as company data, including non-public companies, will be more available at scale through sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and unofficial social sites groups. Job seekers will evaluate a company as how they evaluate other long-term investment – a car, a house, before deciding on next actions.


  1. Public relations and marketing to job candidates will increasingly be part of recruitment deliverables, to maintain the employers’ brands and build relationships with job seekers.

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