iHR Partner

WiseNet Asia iHR Partner is a modular, integrated payroll and HR Management System designed with the latest smart features.

Available via desktop, tablet and mobile app, employees are able to apply leave, submit claims with receipts at their convenience. Administrative tasks of leave, attendance, claims processing, payroll and reports are automated, hence eliminating errors and increasing efficiencies.

iHR Partner is delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with no hardware or installation cost.

**Recruitment Modules and Workforce Modules coming soon**

  •  Payroll
     Configure and view employee records for pay period and overtime allowances.
  •  Attendance
    Import and add employee records, as well as time-in and time-out. Create different shift schedules. Overtime and deductions will be calculated automatically.
  • Leave
    Set leave entitlement parameters and let your employees apply and view their individual leave summary.
  • Employee
    Find employee profiles and define their job titles and description.
  • Admin Panel
    Allows an overview of company configuration, user setup and access levels as well as manage subscriber and email notifications.
  • Claims
    Submission and approval for claims to be reflected on payroll.



iHR Partner’s payroll module is compliant by rules and regulations set by IRAS Singapore and LHDN Malaysia.



iHR Partner mobile app is now available on both Android and Apple devices. The smart app enables employees to submit leave, claims, view payroll anywhere, anytime. Supervisors will receive alerts on employees’ application requests via their mobile phone and are able to respond with just a few taps on their phone. The smart mobile reporting feature allows managers to select reporting parameters and view performance reports real time.



Any connection made from either desktop or mobile devices to the server is over a secure, SSL-encrypted HTTPS connection. This protects data integrity and confidentiality thus prevents any spying on the data transmitted.

In terms of server protection, it has:

  • Network & Software Firewall Protection
  • Daily off-server backup
  • Guaranteed 99.99% Network Uptime
  • DDoS Protection


The multiple language support feature enables users to switch languages, removing the language barrier across companies in different countries.


Reports are fully customisable, and this allows the users to build reports according to the information that they need. From desktop or mobile app, users can select their own reporting parameters and view reports in graphs, charts or data format in real-time. Reports can also be extracted into Microsoft compatible formats, or printed out for viewing.



User Training

User Training will be conducted for users to learn and understand the system before implementation. After implementation, there will be weekly review sessions until both parties decide that the key users can lead the system usage independently.

Data Migration

For clients migrating from their previous system, existing data will be extracted and migrated through various data mining tools over a secure SSL-encrypted HTTPS connection.

System Enhancements

iHR Partner is continuously upgrading its software to ensure the latest legislative changes, security updates and user requirements are implemented into the system. Users will be notified of updates accordingly. There are no costs for these enhancements.

HR Support Services

iHR Partner is complemented by our in-house expertise in executive search, career transitions and learning & development.